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Consensus Client Configuration Guides

As a node runner managing proposers, you would need to be running one of the consensus client softwares available for the Ethereum network to start your journey in the PoN ecosystem. Installation guides for your preferred consensus clients are available below.

Each client software comes equipped with the standard Ethereum Builder API (it's an optional feature that can be activated by a node runner). MEV-Boost connects easily via the builder API to the Proof of Neutrality Relay. MEV-Plus can sit along side MEV-Boost to elevate the programmability of a proposer through a modular side car ecosystem. It enables easy air-gapped PoN login to the Proposer Registry smart contract sitting on the Ethereum execution layer.

I'm already set up - is there anything for me to do?

Considering that there can be multiple permutations for an Ethereum node, it's worth going through the following checklist based on the goals of the setup.

If only chain validation operations are required, then the following is required:

  • Ethereum Execution layer client software
  • Ethereum Consensus layer client software

If validation operations are required with PBS operations, then the following is required:

  • All of the above software, plus
  • A validator proxy software

MEV-Boost is a commonly used validator proxy software which may already be running on the hardware.

If validation options are required, PBS is enabled and your proposers want to outsource block building to any PoN relay, then:

  • All of the above is required,
  • MEV Plus software is required

MEV Plus will enable proposers to access the single sign-on registry on the Ethereum execution layer: PoN Login. Once proposers have on-chain representation any relayer can sync this information and proposers will have access to proof header only relaying. MEV Plus can sit along side Boost. For more information see: Setup plus.

Beyond this, a whole new ecosystem is brewing on top of the PoN platform:


As mentioned above, here are the guides prepared by the client teams. If there are any missing guides do let us know!

Client Guides