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On-Chain Builder Guide

In the Proof of Neutrality Relay, a builder is responsible for creating complete blocks that provide value to the validator and are in line with the consensus rules of the network. Builders are required to deposit ETH as collateral, which acts as a safeguard against any malicious behavior on their part.

By depositing collateral, builders are incentivized to act in the best interest of the network and ensure that their actions align with the rules of the PoN Relay. In the event that wrongdoing happens, the deposited ETH serves as a penalty and it is forfeited to the reporter and network. Once deposited, there is a seven day waiting period before it can be withdrawn.

Let's get started.

First step: Connect wallet

Connect Wallet

Open the PoN dApp here.

Second step: Register Your Address as a Builder

Builder Registration

When registering your wallet, ensure you use the address that you plan to propose blocks from to ensure that proposals are recognized by the network. Bidding for blockspace and payment to the payout pool from a different account will result in a penalty.

Third Step: Deposit ETH

Deposit Collateral

Builders must provide ETH as collateral. This collateral is held in case of any malicious activity on your part and is forfeited to the network in the event of wrongdoing. After depositing, there is a seven day waiting period before ETH can be withdrawn.


Congratulations! After you have deposited the required ETH to become a registered builder in the PoN Relay, you can now move on to the off-chain portion.