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The Proof of Neutrality Network

The Proof of Neutrality (PoN) Network is a collection of protocols and software anchored in the principle that access to Ethereum should be credibly neutral and block production should be decentralized and accessible for everyone.

In order to create a more equitable ecosystem, the PoN Network has designed additional infrastructure to align with the Ethereum roadmap. Some components of the PoN Network leverage the Proposer Builder Separation (PBS) design theory to engineer infrastructure that is transparent, resilient, and secure. To accelerate decentralization in the Ethereum ecosystem, the PoN Network empowers users by providing tools that grant users unrestricted access to Ethereum.

The components within the PoN Network operate independently of each other but also function collectively, seamlessly integrating with all network participants. These participants can include relays, builders, reporters,validators, those looking for state extensions, cross chain coordination (without a bridge).

In this document and in PBS, the terms ‘proposers’ and ‘validators’ are interchangeable, and the term ‘builder’ refers specifically to ‘block-builder’, which can be a searcher or a validator.

Some of the projects within the PoN Network:

MEV Plus

Open-source validator proxy client software that enables effective coordination between Ethereum validators and MEV supply chain actors for composable blockspace auctions. MEV Plus is a client expected to be widely used in the ecosystem, as MEV Plus is a framework for others to build on top of and catalyze innovation in MEV supply chain democratization.

The Proof of Neutrality Relay

A decentralized MEV relay using the Proposer Builder Separation (PBS) architecture and incorporating a novel actor, the reporter, which accrues ETH by trustlessly overseeing validator and builder activity.

PBS Adaptive Smoothing Pool

A dilution-reduced payout pool for validators and relayers; It distributes rewards to all validators every 7 days, regardless of whether they proposed a block or not.

Developer Focused

Build and customize a relay, builder, or reporter that helps decentralize MEV and the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

More to come

This is the beginning of PoN Network. Keep an eye out for Multichain ERC20s.