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MEV Plus Installation Guide

In order for proposers to have on-chain representation they can use MEV Plus CLI software. Using Plus, PON login connects proposers to the PoN proposer registry smart contract which allows them to have an on-chain representation useful in PBS and other side car ecosystem applications.

Get Started

1. Install MEV Plus

Plus comes pre-packaged with all modules necessary for MEV operations and on-chain registration into the Proposer Registry. This software is made available on MEV Plus. Download/Git Pull this version of MEV Plus from this source and build or run directly.

To build from source code, follow these instructions:

## Clone the MEV Plus repository
git clone
cd mev-plus

## Build MEV Plus into a binary
go build -o mevPlus mevPlus.go

## Copy the binary to /usr/local/bin for easy access
sudo cp mevPlus /usr/local/bin

2. Prepare MEV Plus

First, create the Plus systemd unit file

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/mevPlus.service

Then open and paste the below configuration into the service file to run MEV Plus for mainnet

Description=MEV Plus Service for Ethereum



3. Reload systemd

Save the system files for your beacon nodes and Plus and reload systemctl to pick up the new service file:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

4. Start the MEV Plus service

Start and enable MEV Plus:

sudo systemctl start mevPlus

5. Check the status

If everything was done correctly, the output should say “active (running)” in green, check this by running

sudo systemctl status mevPlus

If not, go back and repeat the steps to fix the problem. To quit the status check, press Q.

6. Enable MEV Plus to start on boot

Run the following command

sudo systemctl enable mevPlus

7. Explore MEV Plus logs

Explore MEV Plus logs to verify its operation:

sudo journalctl -fu mevPlus

Inspect the logs to confirm that MEV Plus is running without issues.